A message from Gillian Smith on recent news

Friends, by now you’ve learned of the allegations levelled against Patrick Brown, who has stepped down as leader of the Ontario PC Party. I take these issues very seriously. Women are speaking up across the country and around the world to demand that the political space is safe for everyone.
Today, the Ontario PC Party has acted and shown that there is no place for this behaviour in our party, or our society.
I have two young daughters. I want them to know their worth and stand up for their rights. I also have a son, who has been raised to respect and champion women. While I have faith in the next generation, it’s my generation who must seize the responsibility for making change right now.
I’ve received many messages last night and today from women – and men – who want politics done differently. Politics done differently means we welcome everyone to the table, we respect the opinions of others, and we work together to make life better.
Know that my commitment to this campaign and representing University-Rosedale at Queen's Park is unwavering. I look forward to working with the new leader to bring meaningful change to Ontario.

A message from Gillian

Ontario deserves change. Change for the better. Change to a seasoned, reasoned, progressive conservative team. I am running to represent University-Rosedale at Queen’s Park to bring opportunity back to Ontarians and to build an Ontario where businesses can thrive, people from all walks of life are welcome and bright futures are built for our children and grandchildren.

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Gillian Smith has the right experience for University-Rosedale. A proven community-builder who leads with her head, and her heart, she has more than twenty years of experience in executive leadership and senior management in the not-for-profit and private sectors.

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